Learn How To Get New Clients Looking For Your Products Without Chasing Them 
Using LinkedIn More Effectively!


Tilly Davies
Berdine Hugo


 Search Secrets Nobody Talks About

Come and learn how the professionals do LinkedIn prospecting.

So, you thought finding a prospect has all to do with knowing how to do a search on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.

Think again…

There is more..

We will cover finding prospects also in:
➡️Boolean Searches

Join Berdine Hugo and Tilly Davies as we will highlight these and a lot more for you ensuring that your LinkedIn Social Selling works and converts into sales opportunities that converts.

26th May 2022 @ 
11am SAST

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What You Will Learn On These 
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Step 1: Attract the right audience with confidence and credibility as a Thought Leader
People buy from people whom they know, like and trust. LinkedIn will empower you to position yourself as an informed opinion leader in your field of expertise adding huge value to your audience
Step 2: Be a Brand Leader that becomes the respected source for your connections and followers
People need the confidence that your business knowledgeable and credible to offer the right solutions. LinkedIn will help you to outmaneuver competitors by building a strong brand identity.
Step 3: Use LinkedIn as a Science focusing on building relationships generating Leads and Sales 24/7 
People do not appreciate a strong sales approach. LinkedIn positioned as a science will focus on building relationships resulting in lead generation and sales opportunities without the pesky cold sales approach

Tilly has all the tips and tricks to really ignite your Linked In profile. She helps you to build a credible profile that will bring in more business. Her programme is highly recommended. Thanks Tilly - Virginie Nothard

If there's one thing I really admire about Tilly, it's her tenacity. She's organised, and one of the rare people that actually follows up on promises - a quality that seems so lacking on LinkedIn. All those years of experience means that she just "gets it." - Aki Kalliatakis

I highly recommend Tilly as a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Specialist. Her training is next level in that it is practical, can be applied from day one and she shares the thinking behind why things should be done the way she recommends. I have seen instant results. I've also realised that working with LinkedIn is not a one hit wonder. You need to keep at it but the benefits are well worth it. I've done a few courses, but this has been the first one that stuck. - Gillian Kabe

With over 15 years LinkedIn experience my team and I, assisted over 5000 Business Executives and Owners to transform their  LinkedIn Accounts.

We setup your LinkedIn Profile positioning you as a Thought Leader. People buy from people they know like and trust!

Your LinkedIn Page will focus on positioning your business as a Brand Leader with a personality. People do not follow a business they follow a brand!

LinkedIn is the most powerful B2B Marketing Tool available today.

First impressions lasts. By not optimizing your LinkedIn Account Professional you will damage your personal and business brand.

Even more so using LinkedIn effectively will grow business and increase your annual revenue.

Getting leads that convert into clients have never been easier.

Tilly Davies

This FREE advance training is limited so act now!

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