The Only LinkedIn Marketing Coaching Program that includes linkedIn Training
Turn your LinkedIn Account into a Client Generator
LinkedIn Social Selling Made Easy
Social Selling Roadmap 12 Week Coaching Program
Secret #1: Social 
Understanding your business and map your Ideal Clients including their real wants and needs. 

Design, Optimize and SEO your LinkedIn Profile, Page and Group. 

Prepare you LinkedIn Account as relationship marketing funnel with CRM type functionality
Secret #2: Selling
Design your outbound and inbound campaigns while learning how to manage your LinkedIn relationships, focusing on adding value. Create a content and messaging strategy with the Content Roadmap and Message Templates provided. Learn how to build and manage a LinkedIn Community. Follow the guides to start Lead Generation and Brand Awareness
Secret #3: Roadmap
Follow the guides and start your daily activities including engagement and managing conversations. 

Learn how to use the Social Selling Index and other LinkedIn analytics to troubleshoot your activities. 

Measure and manage is key to your success!
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A Client on Demand Coaching Program

Weekly Online Zoom Sessions, Weekly Activity Guide, Daily Support

That guides you how to find, communicate and book calls with your ideal clients every single week
For Business Owners, Business Professionals and Marketers


  • WhatsApp Support
  • LinkedIn Group Support
  • Membership Training Guide Portal
  • Shared Directory File Download and Training 
  • Dedicated MarketingCX LinkedIn Coach
  • Customised Guides specific to Business Requirements
  • Weekly progress evaluations and re-alignment


"Is This You...?" 

then The Social Selling Roadmap Coaching Program is for you!!

  • Struggling to generate leads and make sales online?
  • ​New to LinkedIn but not sure what to do?
  • Wasting time and money on LinkedIn training that still leaves you empty handed? 
  • ​Tired of trying to figure out LinkedIn and feeling completely floored and ignored?
  • Feeling alone and confused in your social selling  journey?
  • ​Missing support and finding answers that will work?
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6 Team Members

9 Team Members

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"What you will Learn
Our Social Selling Roadmap 12 week lead generation coaching program is based on the LinkedIn Done for You Service. We provided this service to hundreds of international clients over the last 7 year, and our successes are known world-wide.

We will allocate a dedicated MarketingCX LinkedIn Certified LinkedInBuddy Coach to each Social Selling Roadmap Coaching Client. The LinkedInBuddy Coach will become your weekly guide and your daily support.

The strategies, brand awareness and lead generation methods that you will learn have been tried and tested, but most importantly are constantly updated to reflect and include the latest LinkedIn feature and algorithm updates.
"This Coaching Program is For YOU If..."
  • You are a business owner
  • ​You are a business leader
  • You are sales or marketing professional
  • You are building your brand
  • ​You want to save advertising costs
  • ​You want a positive return on time and effort investment
  • You want to create a long lasting pipe of qualified targeted leads
  • ​You're starting a business
  • You want to grow your business and increase sales
  • ​You want to capture an engaging LinkedIn follower base.
  • ​You  want to improve your profile and attract highly targeted leads
Sales Teams Group Options

3 Team Members

6 Team Members

9 Team Members

12 Team 

"The Proof is in the Results..."

Andrew Anderson - African Insight Academy

"Wow Tilly! What a day! Thanks for all the leads. A good mixture of potential customers and interesting service providers. I woke up to loads of messages this morning 🙂 What a great way to start the day/week/month. Thank you so much!" 

Peter Walsh - Commscloud

"Nice to see the leads coming through Tilly - if this is what you can do in 5 days I look forward to 3 months"

Elmarie Goosen - The Clinic with Purpose

"Thank you for the wonderful support I received from you this year. You have played such a pivotal part in the growth of the brand"
Trusted by Thousand of Businesses, Just Like Yours
"What others say..."

Tilly has all the tips and tricks to really ignite your Linked In profile. She helps you to build a credible profile that will bring in more business. Her programme is highly recommended. Thanks Tilly - Virginie Nothard

If there's one thing I really admire about Tilly, it's her tenacity. She's organised, and one of the rare people that actually follows up on promises - a quality that seems so lacking on LinkedIn. All those years of experience means that she just "gets it." - Aki Kalliatakis

I highly recommend Tilly as a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Specialist. Her training is next level in that it is practical, can be applied from day one and she shares the thinking behind why things should be done the way she recommends. I have seen instant results. I've also realised that working with LinkedIn is not a one hit wonder. You need to keep at it but the benefits are well worth it. I've done a few courses, but this has been the first one that stuck. - Gillian Kabe

With over 15 years LinkedIn experience my team and I, assisted over 5000 Business Executives and Owners to transform their  LinkedIn Accounts.

We setup your LinkedIn Profile positioning you as a Thought Leader. People buy from people they know, like, and trust!

Your LinkedIn Page will focus on positioning your business as a Brand Leader with a personality. People do not follow a business they follow a brand!

LinkedIn is the most powerful B2B Marketing Tool available today.

First impressions lasts. By not optimizing your LinkedIn Account Professional you will damage your personal and business brand.

Even more so using LinkedIn effectively will grow business and increase your annual revenue.

Getting leads that convert into clients have never been easier.

Tilly Davies

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6 Team Members

9 Team Members

12 Team 

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