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Finding it hard to get a new job?

It is not your fault!

Robot Recruiters are to blame!!

The Online Resume that Works! Video Program

Job Applications to Be Seen and Heard for 
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What You Need:
The ATS Compatible Resume
How to create an online resume that will pass the Robot with easy to follow templates and examples.
The Attention Magnet Cover Letter 
How to draft a cover letter the recruiting teams want to read, in their language highlighting their problem.
The Attraction LinkedIn Profile
How to use a LinkedIn Profile that will attract recruiting teams ensuring that your job application will be found.

"A person that excels in the workforce see themselves differently and act differently"

The Problem:

A system, the application tracking system (ATS)  is being used to find suitable candidates for job vacancies. This is a solution for the employer in dealing with the increased number of resume's they receive. But the candidates do not know this and their resume's might never be seen or considered.

The Solution:

You need to know how to create a resume that will pass the robot, the system and reach a human being for consideration. Plus you need to be online, to be visible and attracting recruiting teams, without you applying for the job vacancy.

"If you want to succeed in work and life, give a great return on whatever they invest in you"

What You Get:
25 Easy to follow step-by-step Video Guides
Resume Templates & Examples 
A LinkedIn Profile that will act as a website
Job Applications to Be Seen and Heard for 
$1588 NOW Only $7

About the Author

Digital strategist extraordinaire, Tilly has a profound ability to read market trends and LinkedIn’s dynamism particularly. One of those people who see it, calmly do it, and get it right.

A seasoned business professional with more than 35 years experience in senior management roles, Tilly is passionate about growing businesses. She drives the ethos that makes MarketingCX unique, and is living proof that aiding others in their endeavours – paying it forward – is the sustaining grist to the mill of business at large.

Having been operational in areas such as IT, Customer Experience and Finance, Tilly has an incomparable grasp of the recipe for business success. Remarkable in her ability to keep all balls in the air without letting any drop, she redefines the conventional thinking around online campaigns’ and ‘marketing’ per se.

What Others Say:

Tilly has all the tips and tricks to really ignite your Linked In profile. She helps you to build a credible profile that will bring in more business. Her programme is highly recommended. Thanks Tilly - Virginie Nothard

If there's one thing I really admire about Tilly, it's her tenacity. She's organised, and one of the rare people that actually follows up on promises - a quality that seems so lacking on LinkedIn. All those years of experience means that she just "gets it." - Aki Kalliatakis

I highly recommend Tilly as a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Specialist. Her training is next level in that it is practical, can be applied from day one and she shares the thinking behind why things should be done the way she recommends. I have seen instant results. I've also realised that working with LinkedIn is not a one hit wonder. You need to keep at it but the benefits are well worth it. I've done a few courses, but this has been the first one that stuck. - Gillian Kabe

Job Applications to Be Seen and Heard for
$1588 NOW Only $7
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ONE TIME OFFER ($27): The Video series that will teach you everything you need to know to create an online job application that will be seen and heard. Included: 25 Videos, Resume Templates, Cover Letter Formula and Example, LinkedIn Profile Setup and Training, Bonus Free LinkedIn Profile Banners!

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