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What sets our Profile Assessment apart is its focus on aligning your profile with LinkedIn as a software system.

While a visually appealing profile can catch the eye, it's the keywords and data-driven elements that ensure your profile ranks well in searches and gets the attention it deserves. 

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LinkedIn has become the platform to get sales appointments daily, keeping sales pipelines full and sales funnels efficient. 

Surprisingly, many businesses fail to harness its full potential. Shockingly, the majority of LinkedIn profiles remain vague and unoptimized for their intended purpose. This inefficiency not only makes your profile less discoverable but also causes you to overlook valuable opportunities. This is where our cutting-edge LinkedIn Profile Assessment steps in. 

We offer comprehensive guidance for enhancing your LinkedIn profile, complete with real-world examples of effective LinkedIn headlines.

Consider these statistics:
90%: The percentage of recruiters who regularly use LinkedIn for candidate searches.
63 million: The number of decision-makers and executives on LinkedIn.
5.6 billion: The number of professional connections made on the platform in 2020.

Leveraging our LinkedIn Profile Assessment  can significantly increase your chances of making meaningful connections and advancing your career.

Boost your LinkedIn prospects with our cutting-edge methodology

Our LinkedIn Profile Assessment not only detects gaps in your LinkedIn profile but also provides you with intelligent guidance on optimizing keywords and leveraging hashtags to rank higher on the platform. 

By following our recommendations, you can boost your profile's visibility by up to five times. 

This heightened visibility significantly amplifies your chances of catching the attention of the right recruiters and prospects, making it easier for them to discover and connect with you, ultimately leading to more promising opportunities.

Receive personalized, actionable guidance

What sets our LinkedIn Profile Assessment apart is our ability to pinpoint crucial areas for enhancement and provide you with customized recommendations, complete with thorough explanations and real-world examples.

These invaluable insights have been carefully curated by actual and factual data analysis, ensuring our effectiveness and relevance. 

We're confident in our approach because it's been proven to work.

Enhance your LinkedIn profile's rating

Gain precise insights into how your profile stacks up against the best on LinkedIn. 

Our LinkedIn Profile Assessment evaluate your profile, generating a score based on essential criteria. 

Implement our recommendations to enhance your profile's score and increase your visibility on LinkedIn.

See sample LinkedIn headlines and summaries

In addition to the detailed tips and suggestions, we also give you real sample LinkedIn headlines and sample summaries. 

You can use these as inspiration when writing your LinkedIn profile.

Know exactly how your profile compares to top LinkedIn profiles. 

We use proprietary algorithms to benchmark your profile and generate a score based on key criteria.

Incorporate our feedback to improve your profile's score and your discoverability on LinkedIn.

Does your LinkedIn Profile stand out?
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A LinkedIn profile that effectively aligns with your business objectives can be a powerful asset. 

Not only can it help you establish a credible online presence, but it can also facilitate valuable connections and opportunities. 

By strategically crafting and optimizing your profile, you create a structured and consistent brand image. Implementing measurable goals, such as tracking engagement metrics or connection growth, ensures you can gauge your progress and adapt your strategy as needed. 

This approach makes your LinkedIn efforts more manageable and, ultimately, more fruitful, as it allows you to cultivate meaningful relationships, showcase your expertise, and drive business growth through a platform that's both professional and results-driven.

Who are we?

Find a Guide, Find Success - Tilly Davies

MarketingCX was founded in 2015 by Tilly Davies, a seasoned business professional with over 40 years of experience in Business Analysis, Information Technology, Customer Experience, Marketing, and Sales. She is not only a Certified LinkedIn Business Marketing Coach but also a Certified B2B Marketer. 

Tilly leverages her extensive knowledge and expertise acquired from corporate to SMME organizations, along with her track record of establishing and effectively managing three of her own businesses. Her mission is to assist you in aligning your business and marketing processes for success.

Tilly's Motto:
"To succeed in today's fast-paced and competitive market, it's not enough to just have a great product or service. You need to have effective, well-mapped out LinkedIn marketing processes in place to support your marketing efforts." 

We are driven towards your Success!  

Georgina Barrick - Network Contracting Solutions -a division of ADvTECH Resourcing

I have had the pleasure of using Tilly's expertise for the past 3 years . I stumbled across one of her webinars during lock down in 2020 and immediately reached out . She is incredibly knowledgeable about how LinkedIn works and the ever-changing algorithms. Over the past 3 years she has taught me how to engage new followers - produce interesting relevant content and produced leads that have turned into revenue for our business. Tilly is always available to her clients and I would have no hesitation in recommending her service to any business who wants to use LinkedIn as a business tool for growth

David Sand - 
Uwin Iwin International

My team and I did the most amazing and valuable LinkedIn skills development coaching course with Tilly and her team. We were always amazed by the practical and easy steps we could take to make significant improvements. I can highly recommend Tilly to assist with your LinkedIn efforts. Tilly is a great coach and has a very well researched and professional methodology to help get great results from LinkedIn.

Berdine Hugo 
Business Engineering (PTY) Limited

Tilly is a great mentor and LinkedIn expert. She found me when I was still only a waitress and gave me the chance to grow with her business. The journey was phenomenal.
I have learned and still am learning so much from Tilly.
She has the best methods to grow others' businesses and assist them during trying times to save their businesses through LinkedIn.
Therefore, if you are looking for a LinkedIn Expert to assist you with your business - LOOK NO FURTHER!
You are at the right place
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