LinkedIn Sales Navigator Setup Done for You within 48 Hours

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Setup Done for YOU!

Sales Navigator Setup

Funnel Creation & Implement

Ideal Client Search

Training Portal Access

Sales Navigator Setup

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps Sales professionals find and build relationships with prospects and customers through social selling. On average, social selling leaders see:

  • +42% larger deals when using Sales Navigator to connect with decision makers
  • ​+17% higher win-rate when saving leads on Sales Navigator
  • +15% more pipeline when using Sales Navigator to find customers

We will setup your Sales Navigator for you to Expert Status ensuring that you enjoy the sales benefits it has to offer Including: 

  • Search for Leads
  • Search for Accounts
  • Save Leads
  • ​Save Accounts
  • ​Creating Custom Lists
  • ​Conduct Advanced Searches
  • ​Implement the MarketingCX Funnel System

Funnel Creation

LinkedIn is a science and the most powerful marketing tool available to date.

It is possible to manage your LinkedIn Connection Relationship Marketing efforts like a normal sales funnel.

This sales funnel, created in Sales Navigator will assist you to generate leads predictably and at will. 

We have been using this Sales Navigator Funnel in MarketingCX for our clients for over 6 years generating 1000's of leads for our clients.

We will design and implemented a similar sales funnel for your Sales Team putting them in front of the right buyers. 

Ideal Client Search

Finding the right prospect to engage with on LinkedIn can be a daunting task.

First you need to know how map and identify your target audience and ideal client.

Second you need to understand how to use Sales Navigator searches, Lead and Account searches, and all the filters available. 

Plus you will need to have a clear understanding in how to best apply Boolean searches to these.

We will map and identify your ideal client and then do the necessary searches for you, ready to be use for all your LinkedIn social selling activities

Training Portal

Setting up your Sales Navigator account with the correct settings, funnel system and searches will get you off to a great start.

But you will also now need to understand how to reach out daily to your ideal client as well how to perform the various activities necessary to achieve your marketing and business goals.

In MarketingCX we created an Online Training Portal for our team. As part of the Sales Navigator Setup Done for You service you will have access to this training portal.

The Training Portal will guide you step-by-step what activities you need to do daily and more importantly how to execute each activity. 

All guides are video based, look over my shoulder, explanations and instructions. You cannot go wrong!

The Training Portal is available for one month FREE and thereafter $37 per month.

Order Now for Only $99

Tilly has all the tips and tricks to really ignite your Linked In profile. She helps you to build a credible profile that will bring in more business. Her programme is highly recommended. Thanks Tilly - Virginie Nothard

If there's one thing I really admire about Tilly, it's her tenacity. She's organised, and one of the rare people that actually follows up on promises - a quality that seems so lacking on LinkedIn. All those years of experience means that she just "gets it." - Aki Kalliatakis

I highly recommend Tilly as a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Specialist. Her training is next level in that it is practical, can be applied from day one and she shares the thinking behind why things should be done the way she recommends. I have seen instant results. I've also realised that working with LinkedIn is not a one hit wonder. You need to keep at it but the benefits are well worth it. I've done a few courses, but this has been the first one that stuck. - Gillian Kabe

With over 15 years LinkedIn experience my team and I, assisted over 5000 Business Executives and Owners to transform their  LinkedIn Accounts.

We setup your LinkedIn Sales Navigator for you within 48 Hours!

We are experiencing a paradigm shift where sales now happen online!

LinkedIn is the most powerful B2B Marketing Tool available today and statistics reveal that businesses are now more active on LinkedIn than ever before.

Using Sales Navigator as a tool to measure and manage your sales team performance is no long an option, it has become a cannot do without!

The time is now to get your Sales Navigator account up and running creating huge brand awareness, generating leads and ultimately grow your business. 

Let's assist you to get started and beat your competition to it!

Getting leads that convert into clients have never been easier.

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