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LinkedIn Sales Navigator for B2B sales

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Your Sales Teams are +51% More Likely to Hit Sales Quota Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator the right tool for you and your business? 

Can you use Sales Navigator to generate leads remotely? 

Created and Presented By: Tilly Davies

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." Tony Robbins


  •  5 Training Modules
  • ​'Watch over my shoulder ' Video Lesson Guides
  • ​The goal is for you to quickly start exploiting all the advantages that LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides. 
  • ​You will learn all the 'Whats and Hows' you’re paying for. 
  • ​Remember people buy and deal with people they know, like and trust. 
  • ​Using Sales Navigator effectively, you will make actual connections that will guarantee mutual benefit and business development.

What you'll learn

  • How to use all the features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional plan for business development and lead generation
  • How to use sales navigator to generate leads.
  • How to search and find your ideal leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • How to customize your searches and apply filters for best results
  • How to navigate through the platform to gather information on individual and company accounts all around the world.
  • How to plan successful ways to approach and build business relationships without cold emails or calls
  • How to create and manage lists to group your potential clients as best fits you
  • ​How to create a LinkedIn Sales Funnel System that is measurable and manageable
  • How to use the one of the best lead generation tools to keep your sales teams pipelines full

This course includes

 5 Video lessons 

 Lifetime Access

Full time access to LinkedIn Group

 3 Months access to the LinkedInBuddy Support System for additional learning and support

 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Commit to your Success

Fill your Sales Pipeline


Desire to grow your business by learning how to use LinkedIn as an effective marketing tool and assist your sales teams with targeted leads


LinkedIn Sales Navigator to grow your business by creating a manageable and measurable mutually beneficial Sales Pipeline

What you will accomplish by the end of the course

By the end of this LinkedIn Sales Navigator course you will be able to create brand (personal and business) awareness, generate leads, position yourself as a thought leader and your business as a brand leader, while enjoying an increase in follower growth and engagement.

You will learn LinkedIn marketing fundamentals and the advanced strategies that professional marketers and LinkedIn Agencies use to promote their clients businesses on LinkedIn. These strategies will get you more connections, followers, engagement, and an active, ready-to-buy online community that supports you and your business . You will also learn how use LinkedIn to network with your connections, and take the conversations offline.

You will master LinkedIn marketing techniques such as the best ways to gain engagement, how to identify your ideal client,  how to setup Sales Navigator as a funnel and so much more. 

If you are in B2B sales you can really benefit from using LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a  tool for business development and lead generation.

You will be paying for your LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription, and therefor need to learn how to take full advantage of its potential. 

Discover how LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool for business development and lead generation, by knowing how to use it well.

Who this course is for

B2B focused entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate managers and directors plus anybody that struggle to get the most out of LinkedIn to grow their businesses. 

This course is also for marketers that want to take their marketing services to the next level.

Ultimately this course is for anybody that wishes to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a marketing tool effectively and wishes to grow their business.

What you can expect

The course is designed to give you hands on, systematic and practical information. You will be able to apply everything you learn immediately. There is no presentations and everything is done on LinkedIn Sales Navigator for you to follow with ease.

Furthermore, you will enjoy continued support for 3 months after the course via our LinkedInBuddy support system.

Personal Touch

Tilly Davies, international renowned LinkedIn Specialist, loves to help others to succeed. She will provide you with a personal touch like you will not find anywhere else. She is is especially known, for her weekly LInkedInBuddy Webinar Workshops, and it has been said she always to over deliver.

It is also for this reason that the course is limited to 30 participants to ensure that you receive the assistance and attention to succeed.

The aim is your success!

Course Presenter Background

Tilly Davies have been in business for almost 40 years of which she spent the last 20 years as an entrepreneur and business owner;

She has been a LinkedIn user and fan for the last 15 years, providing a LinkedIn Done for You services as the owner and founder of MarketingCX for the last 6 years, 

LinkedIn is what we do, the fun we have, the way we grow our businesses. 

Plus the businesses of our clients. 

To date MarketingCX with Tilly Davies at the steer, assisted over 200 clients to market their businesses on LinkedIn while generating 1000's of leads for them. We have trained almost a 1000 eager business professionals on how to grow their businesses using LinkedIn. 

Commit to your Success

Fill your Sales Pipeline


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