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LinkedIn Profile Assesment
They were wrong! 

It is Keywords that trigger the LinkedIn Algorithms (yes there are more than one). Focusing on beating the 'Algorithm' that you have no control over, will not and cannot work for you!

What sets our Profile Assessment apart is its non-subjective data-driven focus, determining if your Profile is aligned correctly to trigger the LinkedIn Algorithms! 

This has been proven hugely successful because working the way LinkedIn was designed technically, ensures your profile ranks well in searches and gets the content attention it deserves. 

What MarketingCX Is All About:
Secret #1: 
Customer Centric Experience
Improve your online presence, combining the science of LinkedIn with the power of Branding and a Marketing Strategy to attract clients consistently.
Secret #2: 
LinkedIn Marketing Experience
Implement a LinkedIn Marketing Funnel and manage each connection as an individual potential client meeting their needs, wants and demands.
Secret #3: 
Social Selling Experience
How to use LinkedIn to grow your business through mastering Social Selling Lead Generation focusing on customer experience marketing.
Social Selling Support System
Our Social Selling Support System is an indispensable tool for modern sales and marketing efforts.

Here we build a Community  of Like-Minded Professionals to  ensure that You never feel alone on this very difficult Digital Marketing Journey

Our goal is to keep our members at the cutting edge of social selling trends, with a particular focus on the LinkedIn platform.

With this comprehensive suite of tools and resources, you'll not only stay ahead of the curve but also supercharge your success in harnessing the power of LinkedIn to build relationships, generate leads, and drive sales more effectively and efficiently.

We keep our members at the forefront of social selling trends giving you the keys to unlock your business's full potential
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Tilly Davies
Founder MarketingCX

Success Blueprint
A seasoned business professional with more than 35 years’ experience in senior management roles, Tilly Davies is passionate about growing businesses. She drives the ethos that makes MarketingCX unique, and is living proof that aiding others in their endeavours – paying it forward – is the sustaining grist to the mill of business at large.

Our mission,  as a team, is to connect people around real shared values, integrity, and profitability, creating trust and growing business communities that will work together for a larger, broader economic impact on our societies.

Our vision is to change the way people do business – we’ve had the theory for years – and really manifest the relationship infrastructures we all know make for a decent and profitable life.

Ecommerce is set to boom, and its ability to propel us forwards into an era of business integrity and honest values is profound. 

We focus on the Customer Experience as an integral part of all marketing initiatives and campaigns, and our results speak for themselves.

What People Are Saying:
"Nice to see the leads coming through Tilly - if this is what you can do in 5 days I look forward to 3 months"

- Peter Walsh - Commscloud
"Wow Tilly! What a day! Thanks for all the leads. A good mixture of potential customers and interesting service providers. I woke up to loads of messages this morning 🙂 What a great way to start the day/week/month. Thank you so much!" 
- Andrew Anderson - African Insight Academy
"Thank you for the wonderful support I received from you this year. You have played such a pivotal part in the growth of the brand"
- Elmarie Goosen - The Clinic with Purpose
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